Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi

Twenty-four years of quiet expertise that speaks volumes.

We're helping to accelerate innovation in the mobile ecosystem by bridging entrepreneurs to the resources, relationships and deep industry expertise they need to scale their businesses.

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Mission & Ethos

Our purpose is to support those founders who choose to take our capital.

Telkomsel Mitra Inovasi (TMI) is a venture fund investing in iconic founders with audacious vision seeking enormous markets. Like the entrepreneurs we invest in, we aren’t interested in building something derivative or static. We believe in continuous self improvement and our founders help us to become better partners every day.

Fund Profile & Investment Focus

We centralize our work on industry transformation.

We seek to enable industry transformation. In a wave of creative disruption, we believe emerging platforms will replace the decades old technology infrastructure behind many industries.

  1. Connected Devices & Hardware
  2. Media & Entertainment
  3. Commerce & Advertising
  4. Connected Devices & Hardware
  5. Data & Analytics

Relationships come first

Connection is key